Hello everyone!! Today I will give you two looks for Red Velvet Russian Roulette Looks! I have only done Seulgi and Joy, because time only let me do those two. On the other hand I will soon start again with more looks and get more illustrations done for you all to see! I am so sorry that I can’t post as frequent as I want to but I am soon done with my three last classes and soon will graduate! It is a very important time right now for me to focus more on school and finish. Once done I will be able to focus more on the blog! This gets me so excited. So because I know you all have been waiting for so long here are some new looks for you to enjoy and please keep looking forward for more stuff from me!!!


Russian Roulette Joy Inspired Look

Skater dress
$32 – boohoo.com

$40 Steve madden flat

$30 Rhinestone necklace
What I love about Joy’s look is that it is simple and can be adorned with what ever jewelry you fill like using. This can also be reversed. You can have a blue dress like this with a nice graphic design and use less jewelry. It all really depends on the person. This skater dress is very easy to find at a very low price so you don’t have to worry about this look being expensive!
I choose some flats but if you are a heels girl or sneaker you can use them too! this is a very versatile look, that can go with any woman.
Russian Roulette Seulgi Inspired Look


$18 Crop shirt

$15 Short jean shorts

$30-40 Black flat shoes

Next we have Seulgi!! I wanted to use this look for a Valentine’s day look which is why it is in the more pink color palette than the orange. But depending on what color you prefer you can use either one. This is probably the more cheapest look you can get. Not only is the top just $18 bucks but the shorts are only $15 bucks! This is the look that can be very cute and flirty at the same time. Plus it is at a great price! I chose a circular print because not everyone seems to like lines specially if they are horizontal lines so I picked the circular print.
Let me know what you all think of these looks and if you want me to do the other members with the Russian Roulette theme!  Also don’t forget you can request any look you want us to do! Just tell us in the comments below or follow us on Instagram @thekpoplifestyle of on Twitter @THEKPOPLIFESTYL! Like us on Facebook @TheK-PopLifestyle!
Thanks again to everyone and Hope you all have a great day or night!!

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