Hello Everyone!! BlackPink is finally here!! After a great debut and comeback, I have decided to do inspired looks for the teaser images of Stay. It was a bit fun to work with these looks for they left a lot of room for interpretation. On the other hand I love how we see almost all members are going towards the dark and black colors while Jennie is very colorful. This is also weird for in a Live video on the V app we saw them telling us their favorite colors. Jisoo and Rose like Purple. Lisa likes Yellow and Jennie likes black. These looks show a opposite side of all the members! So let’s get started!!

First off  Lisa!

BlackPink Lisa's Stay Look

Antipodium dress
$190 runway2street.com

Pu jacket
$32 chicnova.com

Black high heel boots
$30 gojane.com

FRACOMINA bike glove
$48 – fracomina.it

Lisa’s look is a bit flexible. I know she has on a shirt and short pants, but I wanted to show that even with a dress like this you can still keep the same style or vibe. The jacket and the boots are quite straight forward but the dress is what makes this look very comfortable and chic. You can also have a shirt dress if you find this version of a dress a bit expensive.
Next we have Jisoo!
BlackPink Jisoo's Stay Look

Miss Selfridge roll neck top
$17 missselfridge.com

SET long open front cardigan
$305 – harrods.com

Vintage pleated skirt
$20 shein.com

Shoulder strap handbag
$45 wilsonsleather.com

Gucci felt beret
$295 kirnazabete.com
I know that this is going to be a long post so please STAY with me!! So for Jisoo’s Look I was very happy to do since I was able to have some fun with the plaid. I was trying to find affordable things for this look, so I was glad I found this cute plaid skirt. It is my favorite piece of the look. One thing you can do with this look too is to change the way the plaid is with the solids. You can have the skirt solid and plaid top or you can even have a nice a-line plaid/solid dress to go with this look. This blazer is quite expensive but with more research I am sure I would be able to find a more affordable blazer!
Next we go for Rose!
BlackPink Rose's Stay Look

WithChic cut out crop top
$17 – withchic.com

Glamorous light weight jacket
$100 dailylook.com

Short skirt
$13 romwe.com

Suede ankle boots
$46 zaful.com

Satchel purse
$12 shein.com

Gold frames glasses
$32 – brazilianbikinishop.com
Next we go Rose’s look in which we go back to having all black or a hint of dark blue with white. As we all have seen it seems that Rose’s style goes for a-line skirts and crop tops. This is why I have decided to check on this silhouette for her. It is a style she dominates and conquers plus it is a very flattering silhouette. Here you can see the same style kind of books and instead of giving her the same style jacket Lisa has, I decided for the look tohave more of a long blazer. This is also a very affordable and comfortable look, and its a look you can have with you favorite colors if you want too.
Lastly we have, Jennie!!!
BlackPink Jennie's Stay Look


Etro blue dress
$2210 brownsfashion.com

Black shoes
$19 – essexshoes.co.uk

Neiman Marcus leather bag
$18 lastcall.com

Diamond jewelry
$48 glamduchess.com

Cyan Design wall art

*STOP* (I know what you are thinking. $2210 for this dress??? Well remember this is a inspired look. This is to help you have an idea of what you can do to achieve a look like the one Jennie has. So DON’T PANIC everything is going to be alright!! 😉 )
Yes this dress is expensive but I love it just for the fact of all the pop of colors it has!! It has the same colors Jennie has plus other colors added. This dress is a example of what you can do of dresses with stripes and pop of color. You can also choose your favorite colors (light or dark) but I would recommend to go for the pop of color! Another thing you can do is find a top that can look similar in colors and stripes, and wear either pants or a skirt. That is just based on what is your preference. This is a very different look than the ones the other members have which is why it makes it my favorite look.
Let me know what you thought of the looks down in the comments below, and if you have any suggestions please tell me there or go to our instagram @thekpoplifestyle and gives us a shoutout over there!!
Hope you all love these looks and that you stay tune for more that is to come!!

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