Hello Everyone!!! I wanted to apologize for not posting in so long. I am in the verge  of finishing school and I have been too busy. Little by little I will be getting back to the posting daily mode, but for right now I will do my best to post some more!
I have been meaning to post these BTS WINGS inspired looks the week the album came but I was unsuccessful. I have posted some thing on Instagram but I have not posted all of them yet. Today I will try my best in posting all the looks! First off is Leader Rap Monster’s Reflection look and Maknae Jung Kook’s Begin look.
BTS Rap Monsters Reflection

Miss Selfridge crop top
$85 missselfridge.com

Red blazer
$125 – lux-fix.com

Rag & bone high waisted jeans
$221 matchesfashion.com

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick
$37 yslbeautyus.com
Rap Monster’s Reflection look is a very business casual look. It is a great look for both work and leisure time. This is a very affordable look and can be a little forgiving if you can find pieces that look the same. For example if you can find the same type of jeans, just having you favorite type of jeans with this look can still work. This is also a more feminine look that can give you a comfortable vibe.
BTS Jung Kook Begin


Topshop petite shirt
$20 topshop.com

LE3NO blazer jacket
$26 le3no.com

River Island pencil skirt
$22 – riverisland.com

$15 High heel pumps

Jung Kook’s Begin look is more dressy for business. Love the colors and this seems to be a more affordable look than Rap Monster. On the other hand if you want to make this look and more business casual you simply need to do the same thing as Rap Monster look and add jeans instead of the skirt. Another thing that is cool is that if you don’t like the print of the top you can find another top with whatever print you like more. It  would still work for this look.
Again I want to apologize for not posting a lot but I will continued in the next couple of days to post. Please follow us in Instagram for more post. If I don’t post here there is a big chance that I would post it on Instagram! Also if you want to see a specific look please tell us on the comments below or tell us in Instagram, tag us on the picture or comment on one of our pictures with what look you want next!
Thanks again for coming and soon part 2 is coming with V and J-Hope’s looks Stigma and MAMA!

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