This one is going to be long post but it will be worth it! Now we have a final post for BTS WINGS and that is for Jin, Jimin and SUGA. HERE WE GO!!

SUGA's First Love Look

Raey v neck dress
$195 matchesfashion.com

Charlotte Russe blue shoes
$22 charlotterusse.com

Lets start with my bias SUGA! This look is quite a feminine look for going out at night. If you would wear this dress for work then it works too. I would recommend more for night out than work time. you can change the blazer to a simple one color sequin blazer which would be a lot more cheaper, but you can also try to find one that can get close to this one he has. The black dress can be used or you can do a simple black dress you might like more. Another option is to have a black shirt with some black pants that can go also with what he is wearing.

Jin's Awake Look

Zip back dress

EAST single button blazer
$225 – johnlewis.com

Black stiletto pumps
$33 stylesforless.com

Bead jewellery
$315 lanecrawford.com

Here we have Jin’s Awake inspired look! Here we have another simple black dress, again you can choose which ever black dress you like the most. We also have a velvet printed blazer. unfortunately  I could not find a blazer that was embroidered in the sleeves bur this is a great option to replace the embroidery and do printed velvet. Some nice stilettos and this look also can be replace by a top and pants if you don’t want the dress. Some women are more comfortable with pants than having to wear a dress. These looks are very flexible with what  you can wear and that is what makes it very cool.
BTS Jimin Lie


Crop shirt
$9.90 makemechic.com

Acne Studios leather jacket
$1,305 – thecorner.com

Puma elastic waist pants
$169 stylebop.com

Miss Selfridge necklace
$15 missselfridge.com

Cateye sunglasses
$7.12 gojane.com

Lastly we have Jimin’s look for Lie. I would say that this is the most casual look there is in the whole collection. It is a bit of a masculine vibe to this look but it is a very comfortable and casual look. You can of course use it for night life too. The Jacket can of course be found in a more cheaper price but if you have a leather jacket in any other color you can do use it too. The choker and the glasses are an option you can use any accessories you want the way you want it.
This concludes my BTS WINGS Inspired Looks, if you have any suggestions please tell me on the comments, or follow me in instagram @thekpolifestyle and tag me in the picture you want me to use for the inspired look. Or tell me in the comments!
Thanks for coming!! More to hopefully come soon!!


    1. Thanks! I am glad you love them! I am working hard on getting more done, I am thinking of doing BlackPink next!! So hope you enjoy the next looks that are coming!! If you have any look you want to see let me know!!

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