Hello Everyone!! 안녕하세요!! Today we are back with another look! This time is Tiffany’s turn!
Lets start with the dress! This dress is very pretty and its great to go out at night or even if you have to dress professional at work this works too. This dress costs $62 dollars. Love the designs of the print is very gorgeous and its not too much bling on it. Next we have the blazer. This blazer is optional for going out at night, but it looks great for the professional look for work. The blazer costs $22 dollars and this is just one option you can have. IF you don’t like blazers you can change it to a leather jacket and that can still work!
Next we have the accessories. The pumps are about $30 dollars, but you can change to any other style of heels you like. These pumps are great for the professional look. Next we have the rings which costs about $2.50. I love rings ans I though this would look great for this look. IF you don’t like too many rings than you can focus on the earrings. I would not recommend necklaces, because the neckline of the dress is high and the details of the print is what you want it to stand out. The necklace will make it feel too busy.
IF you look this look please like it below, this is our way to know if we should continue with this KCLOSET segment. If you have any suggestions please tell us in the comment section below.
Tiffany's Night Out



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