BAM!! Just Like That we have another look with the dancing queen of Twice MOMO!!!
This is also a very  simple look, plus the accessories you find down below are optional. They are also based on preferences.
I want to talk about the three main items in the look and how you can also change the jean jumpsuit to something else! First I want to talk about the pink long sleeve shirt. This can be changed due to weather and preferences but I really liked this shirt and it only costs $99 dollars. Sure you can find other options and cheaper this is just my favorite one. Next we have the jean jumpsuit. This costs $13 dollars. That is a great price for this but what is great with this look is that if you have short jeans that can work too! Lastly we have the Vans high tops which cost $16 dollars on sale. This shoes can be different styles and if you are not a fan of white shoes like me you can change the shoes to another color like pink, black or blue!!
Like I have said the accessories are all optional and can be changed to other accessories you prefer!
Like always if you have a request for us tell us down in the comments with the idol and look you want us to do!!!
Pinklicious Feat. Momo


Oliver Peoples sunglasses
$505 – forwardbyelysewalker.com

Frends headphone
$255 – luisaviaroma.com

Dao Linh roses

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